Day: December 21, 2023

Hong Kong Pools – The Best Places to Cool Off in the Heat

Swimming is a fun and low-impact way to cool off in the summer. It’s not only a great bonding activity to do with your loved ones, but also offers health benefits such as burning calories, strengthening muscles and boosting energy levels. It’s not hard to see why it is one of the world’s most popular sports and recreational activities.

Aside from being a fun way to beat the heat, swimming has numerous other health benefits including improving blood circulation, reducing stress and even fighting depression. It’s important to learn the basics of swimming and keep it up because it can help improve overall physical wellbeing. It can also be a useful life-saving skill, so don’t forget to brush up on your skills!

The iconic Hong Kong pools are a must-visit for any trip to the city. These stunning rooftop pools offer a tranquil environment to swim, relax and soak up the view of the dazzling skyline. Plus, they are a great spot to take that summer poolside selfie to impress your Instagram followers.

With many hotels offering a luxurious pool experience, we’ve hand-picked the best hongkong pools for you to cool off and get some much-needed relaxation.

Located on the sixth floor of ultra-luxury hotel Rosewood Asaya, this 25-metre outdoor infinity pool is a breath of fresh air. Surrounded by tropical plants and overlooking the sea, this open, freeing space will banish all your worries. And don’t forget to top up your tan with some sunscreen!

There are plenty of seating areas around the pool, so you can lounge on a daybed or towel and sip a refreshing drink. And if you’re not staying at the hotel, you can still enjoy the serene ambiance by signing up for their annual wellness membership which includes full access to the pool.

Another must-visit is the Island Shangri-La’s 28-metre outdoor swimming pool. Although this isn’t technically a rooftop pool, it has one of the most eye-catching displays of Victoria Harbour you’ll ever come across. And if you’re feeling extra zen, sit in their outdoor jacuzzi and watch the sun set over the water.

Around 20 public pools plan to close lanes and facilities reserved for swimming instruction this summer due to a severe shortage of lifeguards, the HK Recreation and Sport Professionals General Union has said. Union representative Eddy Lau Tak-hung said that beginners who had been unable to start lessons during the Covid-19 pandemic could face having to wait until they are seven or eight before being able to take classes again. The government urged public pools to allow schools and training centres to rent the facilities even when no lifeguards are on duty, but union officials say that will not be enough for some schools.