Day: May 16, 2024

The Hongkong Prize

One of Asia’s premier awards, the hongkong prize draws thousands of applicants each year. It recognizes scientific research with significant societal benefit, and encourages young people to follow their passions while broadening their global perspectives. It also gives them access to some of Hong Kong’s premier research facilities – opening doors for future opportunities.

The prize is open to scientists from Southeast Asia and mainland China, as well as any other researchers worldwide who have published scientific articles with societal impact. Its selection process is impartial, free of sponsorship or committee influences. Winners will receive a financial reward, and the opportunity to present their research at an international conference or seminar in Hong Kong.

This award was established in 2016 to recognize individuals whose contributions have furthered world civilisation and encouraged others to work towards building harmonious societies. Its logo features precious elements like pearl and jade that embody humanity’s spirit of harmony. Its recipients have included social justice activists fighting for democracy in their countries, as well as nonprofit organisations providing shelter to homeless adults.

Each winner of this prestigious prize will receive a cash award of HK$50,000 to support their creative works, projects and further studies. The judging for this competition is conducted by an expert panel and is free from any sponsorship or external influences. Those who are interested in applying for this prize must submit their works to their nominating teacher at school, and should read through all rules and regulations before doing so.

The hongkong prize is an academic scholarship program that provides high-achieving students with scholarships to pursue their interests in science, technology and innovation. It aims to inspire young people to pursue careers in science, while simultaneously helping them to develop their leadership skills and achieve a balance between study and extracurricular activities.

This is a non-governmental merit-based award founded by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited to recognize scientists and research teams for their accomplishments in scientific and technological innovation, and how those achievements translate into real societal or economic value creation. The Hong Kong Prize is open to all scientists from around the world, regardless of their nationality or where they were born, and will recognize research in any field of science including artificial intelligence/robotics, life and health, new materials and energy as well as advanced manufacturing/FinTech.

This prestigious writing contest is open to high school students from around the world and has a number of different categories that students can enter. Each category has its own specific criteria that judges will look for when reviewing submissions. In addition to monetary prizes, the top winners of this writing contest will be invited to attend an awards ceremony and will have their work featured in a commemorative book. There are strict rules and regulations regarding this writing contest, so it is important to read them carefully before submitting any entries. The HK Prize is an excellent way for high school students to improve their writing abilities and learn more about Asian culture and history.