The Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Prize

Gambling Blog Apr 6, 2024

In addition to a significant monetary prize, winners of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Prize will get an opportunity to conduct research in one of Asia’s premier scientific hubs. They will also attend seminars and research internships to further their professional development. The Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Prize is supported by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and private donors. It is presented to researchers who are selected by a recommendation committee and selection panels. A final decision will be made by the Prize Council, which consists of five international personages, including former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The hk prize was established by friends and students of the late John D. Young, a senior lecturer in the department of History at the University of Hong Kong. It is awarded to the best third-year student in History who has taken at least 48 credits. The prize includes a cash award of HK$11,000, a certificate and a trophy.

The winner of the hk prize will be selected by a review panel consisting of leading scientists in the field. The selection criteria include scientific inferences, the transformation of the research results into products or services and the social or economic value created. Applicants may submit an application for the prize by filling out the official form on the ICAS website. The review panel will make the final decision on the awardees and announce their names through the official channels.

Those who have won the hk prize in the past cannot apply for the same prize in the next 5 years. BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE is open to all fields of scientific research, such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Life and Health, New Materials and New Energy, Advanced Manufacturing and FinTech. The highest decision-making body of THE PRIZE is the Board, which is responsible for interpreting the Charter; suggesting important scientific research fields for THE PRIZE; setting requirements of nominating experts and the Compliance Oversight Team; and verifying and approving the final review results.

US lawmakers across party lines have nominated Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists for the Nobel Peace Prize, saying they should be viewed as global inspirations in light of Beijing’s crackdown on freedom and civil society. The letter compared them to past Nobel laureates who were dissidents or prisoners of conscience, including Nazi critic Carl von Ossietzky, Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov and Polish politician Lech Walesa. The Hong Kong group included Joshua Wong, an activist who led the candlelight vigil where more than 2 million people took to the streets last year. More than two dozen activists have been arrested and charged in connection with the protests, despite the fact that no violence took place. They could face lengthy jail terms. The nomination was made in partnership with the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong, a nonprofit that promotes human rights and democracy in the financial hub.